Jeneen Marziani calls Cleveland home

Bank of America Ohio state president Jeneen Marziani's childhood may have taken her all around the world, but Ohio is the place that will always be home. Marziani's father was in the military and she was born in Germany. The family traveled and moved quite a bit – living half her life overseas - but oftentimes she came back to Cleveland during the summer to visit relatives for the holidays. "No matter what country or state my father was transferred to, we always considered Cleveland to be our true home," she said.

A graduate of Miami University in Oxford, she has deep roots in the state. Her commitment to the community carries through in her work as the bank’s state market president. But she credits her military background for helping her appreciate a diversity of opinions (and travel, of course).

Marziani has worked for the bank in several different capacities, starting with MBNA (before it was acquired by Bank of America), then working her way up through the credit card services and consumer marketing divisions. She’s been with the company since graduating from college, and was named Ohio market president in 2010.

In this role, she is responsible for leading the Ohio market leadership team to deliver business integration for Bank of America’s clients as well as lead local charitable giving and volunteer efforts.

"We're committed to making the bank locally relevant and more accessible to our customers and clients, which will really make a difference."

The bank's growth in Ohio is all organic and Marziani’s team works closely together to bring Bank of America's full range of services to clients across each key line of business. Most exciting is the expansion of consumer services with over 65 ATMs available across Ohio and the opening of nearly 30 financial centers in Columbus and Cincinnati over the next two years. Plans also include the development of financial centers into Cleveland starting in 2020.

"It's important for us to share our expertise and a variety of solutions in order for them to make their own financial decisions," Marziani said.

As part of her commitment to the community. Marziani is on the board for the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland, a relationship held since her early days of working for Bank of America in Atlanta. She's also involved with her alma mater, as well as the Cleveland Food Bank.

Outside of the office, Marziani is an avid sports fan, whether it's attending hockey and soccer games for her two children, or traveling around the country to college football games. To date, she's proud to say that she's visited 20 different stadiums across the country.


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