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How sustainable finance can work for you

Sustainable finance is a tool that can help in the transition to a lower-carbon, more inclusive economy. We understand the challenges are complicated. But the possibilities – for innovation, jobs and growth – are huge. Whether you’re a company shifting to renewable energy, a community building affordable housing or a family financing an electric vehicle, learn how we can help.

Helping clients realize the opportunities

Through our existing products and services – advice, lending, capital raising, investments, research – we're helping clients build critical infrastructure, retrofit buildings, electrify fleets and implement programs designed to bring progress in local communities.

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Insights for investors

Our award-winning thought leadership – exploring such topics as the obstacles to building a new energy infrastructure – helps explain what’s next and inform investment decisions.

Discover current data and trends in sustainability

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Guidance for businesses

Building a low carbon global economy could involve more than $200 trillion in investment and financing by 2050.

Watch video on major trends emerging from that shift

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Education and resources for everyone

To make these ideas more accessible, we’ve created a personal finance guide as part of our Better Money Habits® program. Readers will learn ways to incorporate sustainability into their savings, spending and investing.

Read our guide

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Products and services for consumers

To support their personal choices, we offer solutions that enable consumers to transition to renewable energy products.

Explore electric vehicle financing and options

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Supporting communities

We’ve committed $500 billion by 2023 in an effort to improve economic opportunities in local communities. In partnership with local businesses, nonprofit organizations and governments, we’re helping advance community development, affordable housing, healthcare, education, and racial and gender equality.

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Putting ideas into practice

We employ sustainable practices throughout our operations. Working with global organizations, we’ve developed metrics and mobilized capital to contribute to progress for the people, communities and businesses we serve. And we’ve committed to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in all our activities before 2050. 


We’re playing a leading role in promoting ideas to help companies rethink their operations and in developing uniform standards to measure progress.


Our first-of-their kind Equality Progress Sustainability Bonds provide new options for fixed-income investors, as well as capital for businesses and communities.


We achieved carbon neutrality in our operations in 2019. Since then, we’ve set targets for lower emissions from our suppliers and from auto manufacturing, energy and power transmission companies that we finance.


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First major bank to issue a green bond

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Achieved carbon neutrality in our operations, one year ahead of schedule

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Set a goal to mobilize $1.5 trillion by 2030 – $1 trillion for climate projects and $500 billion for social development

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Set a goal to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions before 2050 in our financing activities, operations and supply chain

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Led the world in environmental, social and governance (ESG) debt issuance volume

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An approach known as blended finance is helping to put the power of private capital to work.
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