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Los Angeles cityscape

Smart city technology: Los Angeles LED street lights

How the investment in LED lighting transformed Los Angeles


The environment and our global economy

The Sustainable Markets Initiative places sustainability on par with profitability.


Game Changer: How Green Hydrogen Could Fuel Our Future and Help Solve the Climate Crisis

Learn how accelerating trends are helping realize the potential of “green” hydrogen to revolutionize the clean energy industry

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Report center: ESG reports, fact sheets & financial updates

Access a selection of Bank of America reports, including ESG reports, fact sheets and financial updates, that provide detailed information about our work as a global company.

A picture containing plane, water, outdoor.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel: Ready for Takeoff

Learn more about a new way to power flight in travel, transportation, freight and other industries that is giving decarbonization efforts a giant lift.

communities of color

New help for striving communities

As the private sector innovates aid and financing, seeking holistic solutions to neighborhood challenges is the cornerstone of the approach.

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Sustainable Finance

Creating a healthier and more equitable future for all will take the combined efforts of nonprofits, governments and the private sector. We’re marshaling our global resources to help.