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Financing the transition to net zero

As the business community races to reduce its carbon emissions, enormous amounts of capital will be required to retool assembly lines, retrain workers and reimagine how the global economy operates.

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Sustainable Finance

Creating a healthier and more equitable future for all will take the combined efforts of nonprofits, governments and the private sector. We’re marshaling our global resources to help.

Countdown to 2050

Countdown to 2050

How net-zero carbon emissions can be achieved by 2050.


The environment and our global economy

The Sustainable Markets Initiative places sustainability on par with profitability.

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Corporate environmental sustainability strategy & initiatives

Bank of America is committed to improving the environment in how we approach our global business strategy, work with partners, make our operations more sustainable, support our employees, manage risks and govern our activities.

That Made All the Difference Podcast: Season 4

That Made All the Difference Podcast: Season 4

In Season 4 of That Made All the Difference, host Alicia Burke talks with artists, business leaders and advocates about what inspires them to build a more sustainable world.

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Report center: ESG reports, fact sheets & financial updates

Access a selection of Bank of America reports, including ESG reports, fact sheets and financial updates, that provide detailed information about our work as a global company.