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The investment needed to solve global challenges

Learn about the new ways capitalism is being used to solve society's biggest challenges.

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In drought, using the sun to produce clean water

The community of Kiunga, Kenya, broke a five-year drought using the power of the sun.

Los Angeles cityscape

Smart city technology: Los Angeles LED street lights

How the investment in LED lighting transformed Los Angeles

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Affordable Housing: How 3 Nonprofits are Working to Help Local Residents in Need

As housing affordability worsens, these nonprofits are providing stable homes in their communities

communities of color

New help for striving communities

As the private sector innovates aid and financing, seeking holistic solutions to neighborhood challenges is the cornerstone of the approach.

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The support women entrepreneurs need to flourish

Female-led businesses are growing fast but face stiff headwinds getting off the ground. A new fund helps make it easier.

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Everybody Counts

A new Diversity & Inclusion Primer from BofA Global Research highlights the importance of giving everyone a voice -and a seat at the table - in companies around the world.