Three people outside

Making an impact

From families creating better lives to communities and coalitions promoting the greater good, we support all kinds of efforts to build a brighter future.

Bam family leaving house

Making homeownership a reality

As his five-person family outgrew its Chicago apartment, Johnson Bam was looking to buy a home. He made that dream a reality by learning how to budget, save for a down payment and manage expenses through his local Better Money Habits® program.

Our Better Money Habits® resources and tools help people learn about everything from credit cards to taxes to saving for a home, college, retirement and more.

Solar panel

Smart & sustainable projects

Clean drinking water helps a community’s health and its finances, too. Every $1 invested in water saves $4.30 in health care costs. When we helped finance a solar-powered drinking water system for 35,000 people in Kenya, the rewards were far reaching.

Complex challenges like these take creative teamwork. We often use blended finance to help private investors, governments and charities collaborate on sustainable projects in the developing world.

Bird’s-eye view of AltaMed testing site

New ways of providing care

AltaMed Health Services Corporation provides primary health care for Hispanic-Latino communities in the Southern California area. When the coronavirus hit, we gave AltaMed a $500,000 grant to support outfitting and operating eight evaluation and testing sites in the area. Staff and underserved patients quickly adjusted to new ways of delivering care, which aided both people and the community in recovery.

We all have a role to play in helping move communities forward – an understanding that forms the foundation of our long-standing commitment to the people and communities we serve. And they’re at the heart of our $1.25 billion commitment over the next five years to advance racial equality and economic opportunity.