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Strengthening communities through lending, investing and giving.

See it. Share it. Get involved.

The stories gathered here are real examples from people in your community—stories we hope inspire you, too. We’re doing our best to support them because like you, we are invested in the places where we live and work. Through lending, investing and giving, we’re proud to be a partner in creating more vibrant communities around the world.

Want to do more? Whether you’re a small business owner, a nonprofit advocate, passionate about the environment or a lover of the arts, we hope you take a moment to see what’s happening in your community and share it with others.

Connecting women to the resources they need

Women play a significant role in advancing economic growth within their communities and in the global economy. When women have equitable access to capital and business networks, the entire economy will benefit…  learn More about Connecting women to the resources they need

ohn Singer Sargent, Simplon Pass: Reading, about 1911. Translucent and opaque watercolor, with wax resist, over graphite on paper

Making watercolors accessible for everyone

Mar 27, 2014

Behind Bank of America’s support of the Sargent Watercolors exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston…  learn More about Making watercolors accessible for everyone

Alex & Ani bracelets

How Alex & Ani turned recycled metal into a global sensation

Alex & Ani got their start using recycled materials to help bring a community’s manufacturing industry back to life. Get the story of the connection that helped a local company become a worldwide phenomenon – creating beautiful jewelry, and jobs, in Rhode Island…  learn More about How Alex & Ani turned recycled metal into a global sensation

Strategic partnerships multiply impact

Mar 12, 2014

Working in the field of corporate social responsibility for more than a decade has given me a firsthand view of the positive role businesses can play in addressing some of society’s major challenges. It isn't always perfect and it isn't always easy, but to tackle big challenges, business has to be part of the solution…  learn More about Strategic partnerships multiply impact

Houston Community Spotlight

Apr 02, 2014

We're making new connections in Houston every day. Explore these stories and see how we're helping support local businesses, fuel the economy, and bring the community closer together. Community spotlight stories featured: Inspiring a student’s passion, Largest Magritte collection coming to Houston, A home fit for a Purple Heart, First-generation American heads to the Ivy League…  learn More about Houston Community Spotlight

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