A dialogue on The Vietnam War with Ken Burns and Bank of America’s Anne Finucane

The Vietnam War remains one of the most divisive and controversial events in American history. Now, fifty years later, world-renowned film makers and historians Ken Burns and Lynn Novick are set to release their latest documentary series, The Vietnam War.

Bank of America Vice Chairman Anne Finucane sat down with Burns to discuss the documentary series and how it can help spark conversations that are just as important today as they were 50 years ago.

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Go behind the scenes of The Vietnam War and see how it challenged the filmmakers

Ken Burns talks about the making of The Vietnam War and takes you behind the scenes of how he and Lynn Novick prepared to tell this unique story which required new strategies they had never employed.

“In Vietnam, we had to create a space in which all these diverse perspectives could coexist and that you couldn't make the other person wrong because they didn't agree with their interpretation or your interpretation of it,” said Burns. “That made it beyond the most complicated project we've ever sunk our teeth in.”

How Bank of America’s decade-long partnership helps Ken Burns tell stories vital to our communities

For more than a decade, Bank of America has worked with Ken Burns to tell vital stories that help inform, educate and bring important perspective to audiences around the world. With The Vietnam War, Ken Burns is launching another effort to tell a critical story about American history.

Watch Finucane and Burns discuss how their partnership began and how it helps Bank of America enable social and economic progress to build strong and vibrant local communities.

Read more about Bank of America’s long history with Ken Burns and Florentine Films.

Bank of America’s longstanding commitment to serving America’s veterans

For more than 100 years, Bank of America has proudly served veterans and active duty personnel both at home and abroad. As veterans transition to civilian life, Bank of America is there to help through transition services and career opportunities. Since 2010, Bank of America has hired nearly 9,000 veterans, Guard and Reservists. Over the next several years, Bank of America is committed to hiring 10,000 more.

“I'm very proud of the work that we do with our veterans,” said Finucane. “We have a great employee network with veterans. When you have multiple thousands of people that served the country and they have an employee network, there is a way that just that tonnage alone helps to educate the rest of the community.”

Read more about the many ways Bank of America supports America’s veterans.

Don’t miss the premier of The Vietnam War on September 17, 2017, at 8:00pm on PBS stations across the country.

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