Building communities that thrive, together

With the depth of our expertise, resources and geographic reach, we are in a unique position to help promote economic opportunities for many different populations and advance strong economies worldwide.

We partner with nonprofits, local governments and cultural institutions that boost job skills, provide affordable housing and improve the economic outlook for their local citizens. Our support helps amplify their efforts and success.

We also have our own initiatives to educate people on family finances and tools for entrepreneurship. Inside our company, we actively build a team with diverse perspectives from the LGBTQ+ community, women, veterans, those with disabilities and more, while creating an environment that supports their careers and values their perspectives.

Woman talking in meeting

Advancing economic mobility

We promote economic mobility with multiple programs and partnerships that cover communities around the country and abroad, too. We help nonprofits and local leaders grow the great work they do creating holistic change — everything from workforce development to affordable housing to small business support. To strengthen families’ financial standing, we teach relevant money topics to people in person and online.

Also, we encourage our employees to get involved in charitable pursuits with paid time off, various volunteer opportunities and a matching gifts program. With thousands of employees around the world, the impact that they make really adds up.

Advocating for social justice

Both in our workplace and out in the world, we focus on expanding and supporting opportunities for women, veterans, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community and other underserved groups. We support diversity and inclusion because it helps ensure that everyone has the chance to build a solid financial future. It also strengthens communities and organizations by bringing together broader perspectives and backgrounds.

We create an inclusive company by offering benefits and programs that help recruit, retain and advance a diverse workforce. This includes everything from industry-leading benefits to same-sex couples for over 20 years to programs that develop the careers of talented women, veterans and individuals with disabilities. And in our communities, we advocate for inclusion while offering outreach and education that expands financial opportunity for diverse groups.