Coming Back with Wes Moore

May 02, 2014

The PBS series Coming Back with Wes Moore chronicles the personal stories of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans as they work to transition back to their communities. Hosted by Wes Moore, an Army combat veteran and author of the New York Times bestseller The Other Wes Moore, this three-episode documentary series searches for answers to some of the most difficult questions related to returning from war by taking the audience into the lives of returning service members.

Moore recently explained the motivation behind the project, emphasizing the importance of putting a face to the journey of returning to civilian life. “As people are talking about the reintegration process, things like employment opportunities, we wanted to address the opportunity gap that exists between veterans and non-veterans, making sure that their faces are known and their stories are told so that there is that human connection,” Moore said. “About two years ago, we started working with PBS to tell stories that don’t just honor their service and skim over the challenges, but really dig deeply into the lives of these individuals.”

Bank of America is proud to serve as the official corporate sponsor of Coming Back, as we applaud the mission of this series to bring to light the often difficult process of re-integration while also celebrating the efforts of our returning service men and women. Such efforts are aligned with our own ongoing commitment to connect our nation’s military with the resources necessary to successfully transition back to civilian life – through housing, employment, education, and well-being initiatives.

“We share Wes’s mission in supporting this nation’s service men and women and their families as they transition back to civilian life, and we’re proud to do so through hiring, banking, and supporting community partners,” said Jeff Cathey, head of Bank of America’s Military Affairs Team and a retired Navy Captain. “We also know the importance of programming such as this that brings to light the struggles these citizen-soldiers deal with during their re-integration efforts.”

For more about Wes Moore and the Coming Back series, we encourage you to read our recent Q&A with Wes Moore.

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