2019 BAMLI DAC, Paris Branch Gender Equality Index

Central to Bank of America’s strategy of sustainable Responsible Growth are the actions we take to be a great place to work for our teammates. Across the globe, to be a great place to work, we focus on providing an inclusive and rewarding experience for all employees.

Our company is committed to equal pay for equal work, including gender pay equity, by fairly and equitably compensating all of our employees. We maintain robust policies and practices that reinforce equal pay for equal work, including review and oversight from our Board and senior leaders.

We conduct annual analyses to examine individual employee pay before year-end compensation decisions are finalised, and we adjust compensation where appropriate. We believe our pay-for-performance approach, combined with our focus on workplace representation, will continue driving the advancement and representation of women in our company. Our strategy, programmes and actions are guided by our commitment to be part of a broader solution for gender equality, contributing to the advancement of women both within our workforce and in society as a whole.

Following the recent enactment of gender pay equality legislation in France, Bank of America Merrill Lynch International DAC, Paris branch (“BAMLI DAC, Paris branch”) is required to calculate and publish a Gender Equality Index. This was achieved by reference to four mandatory indicators (outlined below), performance against each of which lead to attainment of points, adding up to an overall score out of 100.

  • Pay gap between men and women
  • Gap in pay increases between men and women
  • Percentage of employees who receive a pay increase upon returning from maternity leave
  • Gender representation amongst employees in the top 10 highest paid positions

For 2019, BAMLI D.A.C., Paris branch achieved a score of 78 out of 100.

In our 2020 Human Capital Management Report  you can learn more about our initiatives that help make Bank of America a great place to work, as well as additional steps we are taking to continue to build on our progress.


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