Supporting innovative solutions to hunger relief through our focus on economic mobility

With one-in-nine people around the world (815 million) going hungry, it’s evident that hunger truly is a global challenge. We recognize that every individual and family needs to be able to put food on the table in order to make decisions that will enable them to gain greater financial security and success. That's why as part of our commitment to advancing economic mobility, we’re focused on longer term solutions that will help move individuals out of poverty.

From the World Food Program to the Global Foodbanking Network, we have worked with non-government organization (NGOs) on the frontlines of hunger relief and food access, supporting our efforts to advance Zero Hunger. We’ve invested more than $100 million in nonprofits addressing hunger relief worldwide, including $11 million alone in 2018.

As a sample of our work, we have provided more than $3 million to World Food Program since 2008, including funding that supports local asset-building for communities so they can strengthen their economic self-sufficiency. Working with the Global Foodbanking Network to create long-term economic and social progress, we provided $250,000 for Asia-Pacific regional food bank efforts and $100,000 for employee volunteer mobilization in India, Mexico, South Africa, France and Ireland to support Sustainable Development Goals.

We also helped initiate the alliance between BAMX, Mexico’s largest food bank association, and the Egyptian Food Bank to bring an innovative food redistribution model to fight hunger to Latin America. In Asia, we partnered with the Global Foodbanking Network (GFN), to support GFN’s “8 Million by 2018” global campaign to expand six food banks across the continent. In the UK, we collaborated with Magic Breakfast to deliver nearly $1 million in fundraising over two years.

Our effort to combat hunger at home is equally important. In the U.S., we recently concluded our seventh year partnering with Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger relief organization. This partnership has been highly successful, helping to provide more than 255 million meals since 2011.

But, it wasn’t just financial support provided. Last year, Bank of America employees volunteered more than 135,000 hours with hunger relief and food access-related nonprofits including Feeding America local food banks. By working with these organizations, employee volunteers helped deliver programs and services to vulnerable populations who are most at risk for hunger.

Bank of America is guided by a common purpose to help make financial lives better, through the power of every connection. Giving and volunteer efforts that address hunger, from packing food in food banks to helping out at a pantry or soup kitchens, are examples of how we are helping to build thriving communities as part of responsible growth.


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