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agronomist checking plants

Advancing SDGs with USGBC & Little Leaf Farms Partnerships

In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly set a collection of 17 global goals called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals are considered to be the blueprint to achieving a more sustainable future by the year 2030.

man drinking water

In drought, using the sun to produce clean water

The community of Kiunga, Kenya, broke a five-year drought using the power of the sun.

the power to reimagine flight with the first solar plane

The power to create change: the story of the first solar flight around the world

The Solar impulse becomes the first plane to fly around the world using only energy from the sun.

Los Angeles cityscape

Smart city technology: Los Angeles LED street lights

How the investment in LED lighting transformed Los Angeles

Bank of america

That Made All the Difference Podcasts Season 2: Adapting to Change

In Season 2 of our That Made All the Difference podcast, host and Bank of America executive Alicia Burke explores how achievers of all kinds are adapting to a changing reality.

Bank of America

Environmental & social risk policy framework

We aim to operate in a way that is responsible and sustainable to the people, entities, societies and economies we impact.

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Supplier relations & vendor management polices

We are dedicated to doing business with suppliers that respect ethics, human rights, diversity and inclusion, and the environment.