Comparing the environmental impacts of printed and digital statements

Whether customers prefer to receive statements in paper or digital form, either decision is sound because we work to minimize the environmental impacts attributed to the information Bank of America provides to customers about their accounts.

Paper Statements

Our forests provide a wide range of goods and environmental benefits. Purchasing paper and other products from certified forests help ensure forest product companies and other stewards of these lands continue to manage resources in a responsible way.

Our Paper Procurement Policy ensures that customers choosing to receive paper statements can be confident that our focus on source reduction, recycled content and recycling, requirements on sustainable forest practices and certification, and paper mill performance – delivers our customers a product, the paper based statement that is focused on a minimized environmental impact and promotes responsible use of forests.

Digital Statements

For customers focused on reducing their carbon footprint and water consumption, these customers can choose to receive statements in digital form.

To learn why, explore our life cycle assessment which followed a scientific method and underwent a critical independent review to calculate the reduction in carbon emissions and water consumption impacts of digital statements compared to paper statements.

Originally published 3/30/2018