Recycle Now, Employees make the difference

Our Recycle Now employee “take action” program had approximately 7,000 employees reduced, reused and recycled, selecting from approximately 20 campaign commitments. The three-week program resulted in more than 187,000 total actions taken. This included such things as setting up online statements, bringing a reusable water bottle to work, reducing plastic bag usage, volunteering at an environmentally focused event, or using the recycling bins at work and at home. We estimate the actions taken during the challenge resulted in:

  • More than 647,000 lbs. of waste diverted from landfills, enough to fill 288 dumpsters worth of trash.
  • More than 2.1 million lbs. of carbon emissions avoided, or enough to remove 208 vehicles from the road for one year.
  • Around two million kWh of energy saved, enough to power New York City for more than 19 minutes. Recycling saves energy as materials like plastic and aluminum take a significant amount of energy to produce.
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