Jumpstarting clean energy careers with GRID Alternatives

In November 2017, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation provided a $500,000 grant to GRID Alternatives, a national leader in making clean, affordable solar power and solar jobs accessible to low-income communities, to support the organization’s SolarCorps Fellowship Program. This national grant builds on Bank of America’s past support for GRID in locations in California and Colorado.

As part of this multi-state program, up to 60 GRID SolarCorps Fellows participate in hands-on training and gain leadership skills to jumpstart their clean energy careers, while helping to expand access to solar power and job training in underserved communities. These efforts include installing solar electric systems for an estimated 1,500 low-income households and providing solar training to the 5,000 volunteers and job trainees who participate in GRID projects.

Building stronger communities and helping to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy – whether through grants or capital deployment – is part of our broader responsible growth strategy as we work to advance social and economic progress.

Hear from three GRID SolarCorps Fellows about how they are making a positive environmental impact across the U.S.

SolarCorps Fellows:

Meet Marissa Leshnov, a SolarCorps Workforce and Volunteer Fellow

Marissa joined GRID Bay Area in 2017 as a SolarCorps Workforce and Volunteer Fellow after volunteering for the organization for several months. Now, she connects hundreds of GRID Bay Area volunteers and job trainees with opportunities to gain new skills in solar while giving back to local communities.

“I’m passionate about promoting social equity. As a SolarCorps Fellow, I am able to create opportunities for hands-on solar training for those who can really benefit from it.”

Meet Cheng Fou Saechao, SolarCorps Workforce and Volunteer Fellow

Cheng Saechao serves as a SolarCorps Fellow for GRID’s Central Valley office. As a SolarCorps Workforce and Volunteer Fellow, Cheng is excited to connect underserved communities with solar training opportunities.

“I love the fact that we are able to help our volunteers and job trainees get experience they need to pursue a career in the solar industry.”

Meet Aaliyah Muhammad, SolarCorps Outreach Fellow

Aaliyah serves as a SolarCorps Outreach Fellow for GRID's Inland Empire office. With experience in living in disadvantaged communities both at home and abroad, she decided to commit her career to sustainability and giving back. Working at GRID has allowed her to see her community become one of the top five cities GRID has served.

"I am proud to be part of an effort to bring amazing resources though GRID to my own backyard. It's fulfilling to see that I am part of the change I want in my community."


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