The future of finance

In Kidtropolis, USA, the kids are in charge.

Bank of America’s brand-new mock financial center, inside Kidtropolis in the Children’s Museum of Houston, provides children with financial tools to help them build a solid financial foundation.

“Bank of America’s sponsorship of our signature exhibit, Kidtropolis, USA, with its emphasis on financial literacy and civic engagement, is an important gift to our community. By encouraging children to see themselves as future business owners and community leaders, children learn how important it is to be financially literate. Good financial planning makes future aspirations come true,” said Children’s Museum of Houston’s Executive Director Tammie Kahn.

The revitalized exhibit replicates real elements of the bank’s financial centers to encourage children to learn the basics of money management that will help them take control of their financial decisions as adults.

We worked closely with the Children’s Museum to ensure we provided realistic financial service environments and activities that teach core financial principles that adults face every day.

Hong Ogle
Houston president of Bank of America

“Through educational institutions and exhibits like Kidtropolis, we believe that the hands-on learning provided through the renewed Bank of America financial center will teach Better Money Habits® and help children become successful, financially responsible adults,” said Hong Ogle, Houston president of Bank of America.

Kidtropolis’ Bank of America financial center includes the Merrill Edge Financial Solutions Office, a small business banking office and a home loan office.

In the Merrill Edge Financial Solutions Office, children learn the value of saving early and often. The exhibit allows kids to explore concepts like stocks, bonds and certificates of deposit while gaining exposure to career opportunities in the banking industry.

Budding entrepreneurs can develop plans for creating their own business in the small business banking office. They can write a business plan as well as learn about the role of banks in starting a new business.

Lastly, in the home loan office, children learn about the different types of debt and the difference between wants and needs.

“The Children’s Museum curated a realistic financial service environment and we worked closely to provide activities that teach core financial principles that adults face every day, such as budgeting your money, learning about stocks, starting a small business or understanding what you need in order to apply for a home loan,” Ogle said.

The Children’s Museum of Houston is dedicated to transforming communities through innovative, child-centered learning and serves more than 1,100,000 people annually.



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