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8 lines of business: for people, companies & investors

Through our eight lines of businesses, we focus on helping individuals navigate every stage of their financial lives, working with companies—large and small—to drive the economy forward, and providing insights, ideas and research for institutional investors.

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Our approach to materiality

Our approach to materiality is guided by our commitment to Responsible Growth and doing so in a sustainable manner, which helps us deliver returns to our clients and shareholders and help address society’s biggest challenges.

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Bank of America charitable foundation philanthropic strategy

At Bank of America, we’re guided by a common purpose to help make financial lives better. We drive responsible growth by focusing on our clients, managing risk well, and making sure our growth is sustainable.

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Powering our facilities with the sun

More bank facilities are benefitting from energy savings and low-carbon enhancement through our onsite solar installations.

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How capital deployment drives solutions to global challenges

Across the globe, we face big challenges such as climate change, gender parity, access to clean water and affordable housing. These issues impact economic growth and security, and can’t be solved by philanthropy or the public sector alone.

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About Bank of America: Our strategy, mission & vision

We’re here to build meaningful connections that help make your financial life better.

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Approach to zero

Building on our history of climate leadership, in 2021 we announced a commitment to achieve net zero emissions across our financing activities, operations and supply chain before 2050.