Financial health services & strategies

At Bank of America, we have undertaken significant efforts over the past several years to make our company simpler, more straightforward, stronger and better.

At the heart of these efforts is a clear focus on improving the financial health of our clients and communities. We recognize every path to financial health is different and we are committed to helping clients achieve their individual goals.

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Strengthening small businesses

Startups and growing businesses are part of the backbone of our economy and our communities. More than 3 million entrepreneurs and small business owners trust us to help them do everything from opening their doors to hiring, growing and delivering their goods and services.

Creating the right products and services

Millions of Americans trust us with their financial needs—from completing daily tasks simply to reaching long-term goals in a smart, sustainable fashion.

To help our customers in their day-to-day financial lives, we focus on creating the right products and services. Then we ensure they’re intuitive, easy-to-use and proactive. We invest in technology that is designed to make financial lives easier, increase ways our customers can do business with us and make expertise easily accessible.

We also know it’s just as important for us to empower people as it is to advise them. Our customers come from many backgrounds, with varying levels of financial experience and knowledge. Programs like Better Money Habits® provide online resources and in-person classes that teach basic foundation-building skills for financial success. When people understand how finances fit into their long-term plans, they can feel confident about making good decisions.

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Helping people own homes

Buying a home is still the biggest investment most people will ever make. We recognize our role is to provide responsible loan products, transparent resources to help customers understand how these work and expertise to provide one-on-one guidance through the process for their personal situation. We use our resources to help strengthen the U.S. housing market through education, information and access to credit. These resources support our commitment to delivering all of our capabilities, product and services and expertise to make our clients’ financial lives better.

Promoting new opportunities for underserved groups

As a society, we all benefit when new voices and perspectives are brought into the fold. To open up more possibilities for typically underserved groups, we work with them across our business and in our charitable efforts. We offer programs and mentorships to give women, veterans and people of color help growing their businesses. We focus on multicultural lending programs and improving financial education and health. Our goal is to bring the tools and opportunity for economic progress to the greatest number of people.

Looking out for clients of all ages

We support the unique needs of our clients at every stage of their lives.

Our Life Priorities Framework and Life Events Checklists serve as a resource for life’s big changes, from becoming a caregiver to retiring. The checklists offer step-by-step guides to handle other unexpected life scenarios. And we arm our financial advisors and retirement specialists with information and resources to help aging clients and their families better prepare for financial and other issues they may face.

Older clients are often most vulnerable to financial fraud and the need to share insights to prepare for older age or caregiving becomes even more critical. As we rapidly respond to and anticipate key life events, we provide information to our clients and consumers about protecting themselves against fraudulent activity and providing ongoing guidance about protecting their identities.

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Aligning values with investments

For an increasing number of customers, putting their capital to work means aligning financial returns with social responsibility. As part of this admirable shift, we’ve expanded our impact investing efforts to help client portfolios mirror their personal principles. These innovative investments address issues impacting people and communities around the world while delivering competitive financial returns.