Supporting the path to owning a home

A place to call your own and put down roots—it’s a dream for people from every walk of life. We are dedicated to helping individuals and families buy a home that’s exactly suited for their needs.

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Helping create sustainable ownership

Whether we’re working with a first-time buyer or a current homeowner, our home loan specialists strive to help each client identify the right home finance solution. We provide a mix of convenient technology and one-on-one guidance that helps each individual or family make informed, responsible decisions.

To build borrowers’ financial literacy, we offer in-person training and online resources, like the content on our Better Money Habits® site. We have simple, transparent financial documents as well as online tools that make the mortgage process more convenient. For example, we created a guide to help clients on our Home Loans website outlining all of our financial education initiatives for homebuyers and homeowners.

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Empowering with education

Every home buyer can benefit from additional knowledge and support. Whatever our customers’ life stage or circumstances, we help them make informed decisions with robust resources and expertise.

We partner with nonprofits and professionals to provide holistic assistance to our customers. Our Connect to Own® alliance trains and educates first-time homebuyers. Plus, we make real estate and housing counseling specialists available to help people make good choices.

Online, we offer helpful articles, information and videos. At locations across the country and over the phone, we provide personal support, including financial fitness workshops. And we show customers how they can establish or improve their credit and what they can do to financially prepare for homeownership.

Resources for underserved groups

When individuals and families have the right information and support, they’re equipped to evaluate homeownership and make sound financial decisions. We work with and have resources for customers in low- and moderate-income communities to give them the guidance and knowledge to understand budgeting, saving, closing on a home and owning a home so they can choose the best path for their personal situation.

Customers will find online resources to become more financially fluent, establish or rehabilitate their credit and prepare for homeownership when it makes sense for them. And, to make the home buying process easier to navigate, we looked to the NAACP’s Responsible Lending Principles to create financial documents that use easy-to-understand language.

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Making homeownership a reality

As his five-person family outgrew its Chicago apartment, Johnson Bam was looking to buy a home. He made that dream a reality by learning how to budget, saving for a down payment and managing expenses through his local Better Money Habits® program.

Convenience in your hands

Shopping for a new mortgage or refinancing a current one is a streamlined experience with the Bank of America Digital Mortgage Experience™. Prospective buyers can prequalify to estimate how much they can borrow, apply for a new mortgage, refinance their current home and even lock their interest rate — all on a mobile device or computer. Once you apply, use the Home Loan Navigator® app to track your loan’s progress, upload documents and more.

Supporting mortgage clients

When life presents unexpected circumstances that can threaten a customer’s ability to pay their mortgage, we have a variety of options and programs to help. With loan modifications and other alternatives, we’ve helped more than two million mortgage customers avoid foreclosure and provided more than $27 billion in relief. Homeowners have multiple alternatives that can allow them to stay in their homes, like forbearance, loan modifications, counseling assistance and others. There are also numerous home loan assistance solutions for settling their mortgage debt, like short sales and deeds in lieu of foreclosure.