Innovative technology that’s personal

Technology is transforming the banking experience for clients both outside and inside the walls of our financial centers.

Our high-tech capabilities together with our high-touch personalized approach deliver a more intuitive and efficient banking experience for our clients across all our channels. We combine the expertise of our people and the reach

of our approximately 3,900 financial centers with the convenience of our industry-leading mobile applications and digital platforms and our extraordinary client care to help clients with their financial needs throughout their lifetimes.

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High-tech and high-touch

We offer clients our full range of banking products from Bank of America and investment services from Merrill. Clients can access their Bank of America bank and Merrill investment accounts anytime, anywhere, on their mobile app or talking with our experienced specialists over the phone, through online chat, in a video conference or face-to-face in one of our new and upgraded financial centers.

Technology that’s built around our clients

More clients are turning to digital for their everyday banking needs. With a record 11.6 billion digital logins and 56 million verified digital users in 2022 — up 3% year-over-year — there are increasingly more digital touchpoints to make clients feel valued and in control of their financial wellbeing. Clients can also use our digital platforms to make an appointment to meet with one of our client professionals at a nearby financial center.

We’ve made it easy, convenient and safe for our clients to manage their finances – any time and in any way they choose – through our integrated, timely and relevant digital experiences, innovative products and high-tech self-service solutions.

High-touch service

We are investing in our financial center and ATM networks to complement our dynamic digital platform and better serve the evolving needs of our clients. Our new financial centers feature dedicated areas where clients can meet with us, such as:

  • A Merrill space where Merrill advisors can offer personalized guidance on investing and retirement planning;
  • A Business Advantage space where small business specialists can share their expertise and our many services to give entrepreneurs a competitive advantage; and
  • Space where clients can meet with our Bank of America banking specialists regarding lending services for home loans, home equity, and car loans from Bank of America.

Existing financial centers are being completely redesigned with new technology, furnishings and layouts that help us engage and educate our clients as we grow our relationships with them, and create a more interactive, inviting and comfortable atmosphere for clients whose needs often go beyond routine transactions. And, we recently expanded into four new markets — Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, Cincinnati and Columbus — extending our lead over the industry by responsibly growing our nationwide footprint and delivering new, innovative features for our clients and employees. We will expand our presence as we open our first financial centers in Omaha in 2023, and enter seven new markets between now and 2025.

We will continue to invest in our financial centers, with plans to add approximately 275 new financial centers over the next three years and modernize existing ones through the completion of 2,500 interior and exterior renovations.

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Industry-leading innovation

We’re investing significantly in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and business intelligence to better understand individual financial preferences and enable us to deliver personalized, client-specific insights, advice and resources at key moments.

Our virtual AI-driven assistant, Erica®, excels at resolving client inquiries, helping clients get the help and find the answers they need. Since launching in 2018, Erica® has already helped more than 33.5 million clients with nearly 1.2 billion interactions. Through voice, text chat or on-screen gesture, Erica® provides clients help with their banking needs and proactive insights to help make managing finances easier. For example, Erica® can proactively detect duplicate charges on an account and notify clients if their spending is higher than usual or their checking account balance is trending toward $0. Erica® can also assist with common inquiries, including billing disputes, fees, deposit holds and transaction-related questions.

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