Bank of America – A great place to work

At Bank of America, we strive to be a bank for everyone. Like the people we serve, we come from every walk of life. We are proud of our inclusive culture, because when you create a workplace where all employees can thrive, everyone benefits. We see you. Because we are you.

Inclusion is power

Our diverse workforce comes from many different backgrounds, with different identities and beliefs. Embracing the things that make us unique strengthens our ability to better serve our stakeholders. It helps us understand what matters to you so we can help you get things done.

Meet our employees

The people in the videos above are not actors. They are Bank of America employees.

Lance B

Lance B.
Corporate Communications
Joined in 2018

Lynne D

Lynne D.
Global Technology & Operations
Joined in 2006

Yihan F

Yihan F.
Enterprise Credit Risk
Joined in 2014

Michelle F

Michelle F.
Global Human Resources
Joined in 2009

Matt G

Matt G.
Consumer Banking
Joined in 1991

Dave G

Dave G.
Global Technology & Operations
Joined in 2007

Naima J

Naima J.
Private Bank
Joined in 2008

Zak K

Zak K.
Global Human Resources
Joined in 2016

Serenna M

Serenna M.
Chief Administrative Office
Joined in 2017

Lara M

Lara M.
Small Business
Joined in 2002

Alena P

Alena P.
Global Human Resources
Joined in 2017

Farrell O.

Farrell O.
Joined in 2015

Michael R

Michael R.
Global Human Resources
Joined in 2013

Shimna S

Shimna S.
Consumer Banking & Merrill Edge
Joined in 2004

Shelly S

Shelly S.
Corporate Audit & Credit Review
Joined in 1993

Rory S

Rory S.
Global Technology & Operations
Joined in 2014

Hanaa S

Hanaa S.
Global Human Resources
Joined in 2003

Daniel V

Daniel V.
Corporate Audit
Joined in 2011

Craig Y

Craig Y.
Joined in 2014

Claudius Z

Claudius Z.
Community Development Banking
Joined in 2017

We are focused on driving responsible growth to produce sustainable results. To be a sustainable company, our growth must deliver on three things: We have to drive operational excellence, share our success with our teammates and communities, and be a great place to work for our employees across the world.

Some of the ways we are striving to be the best, most inclusive workplace for our teammates include:

  • Setting the tone at the top with our Board of Directors and CEO. Our Board and its committees have a key role in the oversight of our culture by holding management accountable for maintaining high ethical standards. Additionally, CEO Brian Moynihan has chaired the Global Diversity & Inclusion Council—the chief governing body for our diversity and inclusion strategy—for over a decade.
  • Promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce. At all levels of our company, we focus on attracting, retaining and developing our diverse talent. Over 50% of our global workforce and over 45% of our management team are women, more than 45% of our U.S.-based workforce are people of color and our Board of Directors is 47% diverse.
  • Attracting and developing talent. This starts with how we recruit new teammates and extends to the many ways we support their professional development and career growth. Our 11 Employee Networks, for example, help teammates develop leadership skills, build ties with local communities and advance diversity recruitment—comprised of more than 300 chapters and 160,000 memberships worldwide.
  • Recognizing and rewarding performance. From our equal pay for equal work commitment to how we competitively compensate our teammates, we are focused on delivering our pay-for-performance philosophy. The results of our most recent review of total compensation across the U.S., UK, France, Ireland, Hong Kong and Singapore, for example, showed that compensation received by women is on average greater than 99% of that received by men.
  • Supporting teammates’ physical, emotional and financial wellness. We are committed to supporting the financial, emotional and physical wellbeing of our employees and their families. Through a range of innovative, industry-leading and flexible programs and benefits, we support our teammates through everyday challenges—so they can be their best at work and at home.

In our 2020 Human Capital Management Report you can learn more about our initiatives that help make Bank of America a great place to work, as well as additional steps we are taking to continue to build on our progress.


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