Meet Erica Tyree, a military spouse committed to her family at home and at work

Being a military spouse can be lonely when your partner is deployed, often for months at a time. Add to the mix children, a full-time job and the knowledge that a move to another base may be around the corner and even the strongest person can be overwhelmed. Erica Tyree has walked in those shoes and has some advice for other military spouses on how she has made it all work.

Erica is a military spouse who has learned to successfully balance the demands of work, deployments and several relocations. During her husband Gabriel’s 22 years in the Navy, she has also advanced her career at Bank of America – rising from a teller position in 1998 to her current role as a client management executive with U.S. Trust in the Dallas market.

Being with someone who serves in the military means adjusting to frequent change and many moves. Since their marriage in 2007, Erica and Gabriel have lived near naval bases in Florida, California, Illinois and Texas. “Before I met Gabriel, I never understood what it meant to be married to someone in the service,“ Erica revealed. “It can be really lonely. It’s hard to make friends and settle into a community when you know there is always a move ahead of you. But knowing there was a bank community made a real difference.“

Bank of America has proudly supported U.S. military families for more than 90 years. We value their leadership, dedication and adaptability. That’s why we are committed to helping them thrive in the workforce. Learn more about how we’re supporting service members, veterans and their families.


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