Driving economic and social progress helping women and children in need

Apr 16, 2018

Growing responsibly means helping to drive economic and social progress in our communities. In Asia Pacific, our grants and volunteering provide not just basic needs such as food, hygiene and housing, but also education and skills training. We partner with more than 40 nonprofits in 12 markets across the region to focus on women and children in need. In 2016, our Asia Pacific grants benefited 200,000 people.

Supporting young women in India

India’s 120 million young women have a bright future ahead of them – but they face what can be insurmountable challenges. For many, the lack of sanitation facilities and hygiene education is a serious barrier to leaving home and going to school. Millions of girls face the threat of abuse, rape and disease every day, and we are joining the private and public sector to address this problem.

We are on the second year of a partnership with Dasra focused on moving adolescent girls to economic self-sufficiency and empowering them to be agents of change in their communities. In 2016, we supported Dasra’s release of a study on the sanitation and hygiene needs of India’s communities, particularly adolescent girls, identifying high-impact investment opportunities and highlighting nongovernment organizations already doing good work in addressing the issue. By bringing attention to this high-need area and supporting hosting giving roundtables with our clients, we helped Dasra raise an additional $1.5 million in capital pledges for the NGOs in addition to our committed investment. We also helped fund four organizations working on sanitation to directly provide access to toilets for 64,733 people.

In March 2017, Dasra published a second study focused on ways to help young women become more employable — helping them acquire not just jobs, but the soft skills necessary to create careers and achieve financial independence.

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