Spotlight on: Augusta Warrior Project

Oct 29, 2014

Discover programs that are enriching their communities by helping veterans transition into civilian life

Their mission is clear—to serve those who have served.

Since 2007, the Augusta Warrior Project has been supporting veterans in Augusta, Georgia and South Carolina with resources that improve their lives. Focusing on employment, education and housing, the Augusta Warrior Project seeks to improve the everyday lives of returning service members by impacting these fundamental needs.

“We are more focused on being proactive than we are reactive,” explains President and CEO Jim Lorraine, a former surgeon with the US Special Operations Command during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Key to the Augusta model—and its success—has been in addressing returning warriors’ needs early on, before those needs become a potential crisis. “We build a relationship and get to understand who they are, so that if the worst happens, we are known as a resource,” he explains.

With an individualized approach to serving veterans, AWP emphasizes community as an integral part of former service members’ successful re-entry. Often, the program will connect individuals to schools, social agencies, and small businesses who serve as employers. The Augusta Warrior Project is also a key link between local efforts and national non-profits. “Everybody wants to help, they just don’t know how,” explains Lorraine. “We provide the how.”

Ultimately, Lorraine hopes that serving service members will have a positive impact on all members of a community. He expects the lasting impact of AWP and programs like it will be to “make a difference one warrior at a time, in a way that contributes to an overall change in the community as a whole.”

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