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We’ve added $100 million to our ongoing support to organizations addressing critical needs, helping to increase medical response capacity, focus on vulnerable populations and help address food insecurity.

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el rio health center

Meet the Blue Angels of Tucson

Founded fifty years ago, Tucson’s El Rio Health Center keeps finding new ways to keep patients safe and healthy.

senior citizen

Uncovering critical needs in one South Carolina community

Stepped-up meal assistance for seniors during the coronavirus helped create a roadmap for solving longer-term problems in one South Carolina community.


Overcoming PPE shortages for those most in need

We're working with local partners to provide PPE to vulnerable and underserved communities hardest hit by the coronavirus.

Underserved communities

What it will take to realize true equality

In times of need, local nonprofits provide critical support to underserved communities.

Counter clerk checking order

Back to work and helping others

The El Paso Community Foundation launches an innovative jobs program that hires laid-off restaurant staff to help feed others in need.

Doctor in SOP

Grady Memorial: staying true to the people it serves

How Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital is staying true to its mission of serving the community’s most vulnerable

Serving plate of food

Providing Nashville with help and hope

How this nonprofit delivers meals, hot showers and more to Nashville’s homeless