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A spectator smiling as he holds a sign and hugs a runner​

Bank of America Chicago Marathon​

We’re proud to present the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. With over 45,000 participants and over a million spectators, this event is one of Chicago’s most inspiring traditions.

Calvin L. Holmes

Introducing the newest Neighborhood Builders: Racial Equality Award winners

We’re recognizing individuals like Chicago’s Calvin Holmes who’ve made extraordinary contributions to break down racial barriers and create economic opportunities for Black, Hispanic-Latino, Asian American and Native American people across the nation.

Beekeepers showing a honeybee hives to other 2 workers.

Hive mentality

On the West Side of Chicago, a beekeeping and honey business offers residents a chance to get ahead.

Female and male students

A chance to see what they can be

With an internship program for high-school seniors, this nonprofit opens doors in underserved communities in Chicago and beyond.

Steve Lindsey running

Spotlighting our Bank of America Chicago Marathon runners

From running with rider athletes in support of those with disabilities, to raising funds for local nonprofits, our employees were up and running with Chicago.

Vicent Beckman on That Made All the Difference

What if embracing your roots led you to your passion?

Vincent Beckman, worker advocate and founder of the Chicago restaurant Tanta, discusses rediscovering his Peruvian heritage through food on our original podcast. When the pandemic hit, his work with the Farmworker and Landscaper Advocacy Project became more essential than ever.

Two people looking at computer parts

Year Up – Neighborhood Builders Podcast series

Year Up Chicago’s mission is to close the opportunity gap by providing professional development training and internships for underserved youth.