Wind mills in Oklahoma wind farm

Take a Virtual Tour of an Oklahoma Wind Farm

Oklahoma is one of the windiest places in the United States and home to a renewable energy resource so vast it could supply up to 10% of the country’s energy needsfootnote1 . Developing this resource is critical to preserving the environment, creating jobs and achieving a sustainable future for the state — and the country.

Watch now to experience a drone's eye view and fly into the future by exploring EDF Renewables' innovative wind energy facility.

The project, built by EDF Renewables and financed with an $83.1 million tax equity investment from Bank of America, produces enough energy to power on average approximately 60,000 homes annually. As a global company with sites in more than 20 countries, this renewable energy producer has been developing and implementing clean energy projects for more than 30 years. The Rock Falls facility is just one example of its long-term commitment to building sustainable economies and preserving the environment while providing jobs for the future and for generations to come.

A windmill and car driving on road

Job Creation

Oklahoma is the second largest producerfootnote2 of wind energy in the U.S., behind Texas, and home to a fast-growing renewable energy economy. For a workforce whose fortunes have historically risen and fallen with the oil pump, these wind turbines offer long-term clean energy assurance: The Rock Falls facility supported nearly 150 jobs during the construction phase, and renewable energy production employs upward of 3,000 people in the statefootnote3.

“Working with partners such as EDF Renewables is critical to Bank of America delivering on its goal of growing responsibly while financing sustainable businesses in communities across the globe,” notes Todd Karas, managing director of Renewable Energy Finance at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. “Renewable energy isn’t just providing jobs around the world, it’s ensuring those jobs are sustainable for generations to come."

Deploying capital to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy is core to Bank of America’s responsible growth strategy. The Rock Falls project demonstrates how our Environmental Business Initiative is driving positive change for communities across the globe.