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 Looking to the past with Ken Burns

We support the arts in many different forms as part of our commitment to helping economies thrive and to connecting cultures. Our partnership with Ken Burns is rooted in our shared vision to make history a riveting narrative that resonates with the general public and with students in classrooms around the country.

Explore some of the films from Ken Burns:

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A legacy of storytelling

Since 2007, we have proudly sponsored the work of Ken Burns and Florentine Films, which blend education and art to create in-depth stories that enlighten people around the world. We’ve proudly supported films like Hemingway, Country Music, The Vietnam War, and Jackie Robinson as well as The Roosevelts, The Address, The Dust Bowl, Prohibition, The Civil War, The Tenth Inning, The National Parks and The War.

Throughout each film, timeless human truths emerge, providing a perspective on our past that helps us better understand our present and move forward.

Film trailers in partnership with Ken Burns and Florentine Films

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Ernest Hemingway: His life and work

Hemingway, a film directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick and produced by Sarah Botstein, helps us understand a complicated 20th century author. Using interviews with scholars and family members along with his own words, the documentary explores the complexities of this legendary American writer.

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The soul of country music

Ken Burns’s series, Country Music, explores the history of this uniquely American art form — from its roots over the course of the 20th century through its emergence to become “America’s music.” From strong women to songs of heartache and joy, the film series tells unforgettable stories and demonstrates how music can unite and inspire.

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Lessons from the Vietnam War

Ten years in the making, this ten-part, 18-hour documentary series offers an unprecedented view of the Vietnam War that helps foster different perspectives and civil discourse around one of the most divisive, controversial, consequential and misunderstood events in our history. Because hearing from the various sides of important issues furthers progress, equality and a more connected society, the series includes perspectives and testimonies from about 80 witnesses, who collectively represent all sides of the conflict — soldiers, civilians and protestors from America, North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

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The Legacy of Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson, a two-part documentary by Ken Burns, Sarah Burns, and David McMahon explores the life and accomplishments of the baseball legend and civil rights pioneer. The film covers the many roles Robinson played during his life, as he fearlessly crossed baseball’s color barrier and continued fighting discrimination after his baseball career ended.

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