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The Artemis Female Fund

The Artemis Fund is a venture capital fund on a mission to diversify and modernize wealth by investing in the iconic female founders of the century. We lead seed rounds for female tech innovators in fintech, commerce enablement, and care-tech.

Fund I was launched in 2019 by three General Partners (Diana Murakhovskaya, Stephanie Campbell, Leslie Goldman). Artemis Fund I established our ability to identify and lead unique and stellar deal flow in the seed stage. The Artemis Fund II is a $50M target fund with sizable investments from several large institutional investors. With Fund II, we will lead seed rounds for 20 of the best female founders across the US, democratizing wealth via fintech, commerce enablement, and care-tech.

We are methodical, prepared, and data-driven. Our mission is to be the trusted partner of choice for female tech founders who deliver outsized returns for shareholders by solving real problems and eliminating the gender and racial wealth gaps.

Stage of capital: Seed

Location: Houston, TX

Fund manager diversity: Woman-led

Diversity focus: Women, Black and African American, Hispanic-Latino, Asian American and Pacific Islander, Native American

Industry focus: General Tech- and Tech-Enabled, Fintech and Payments, Healthcare and Wellness (incl. FemTech)

Leslie Goldman and Diana Murakhovskaya

Leslie Goldman
General Partner and Co-Founder

Diana Murakhovskaya
General Partner and Co-Founder

Stephanie Campbell
General Partner and Co-Founder