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NOEMIS Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund investing in Fintech, Marketplaces, and AI/ML. The pilot fund invested in 10 companies funded solely by the GP for the proof of concept fund.

The pilot fund had 2 exits including Trigger acquired by Circle and Gitlinks acquired by Infor. Some of the first breakout winning companies, where NOEMIS was among the earliest seed investors, are Squire (Marketplace / Fintech) Series D, Petal (Fintech) Series D, and Markable (AI) Series A+.

The pilot fund (2016) is marked at a MOIC of 5.4x with a DPI of 0.3x placing the performance in the top decile according to Cambridge data.

NOEMIS completed the raise of its $25 million first institutional fund in January of 2022. We have been investing out of the new fund since January of 2021 (2021 vintage) and have made 19 investments thus far (target is 25 companies) with 14 companies having already raised up-rounds.

Stage of capital: Pre-Seed, Seed

Location: New York, NY

Fund manager diversity: Black and African American led

Industry focus: Fintech and Payments

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Simeon Iheagwam
Founder and Managing Partner