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Newark Venture Partners invests in seed-stage B2B software companies based on thematically oriented convictions, reinforced by industry insights and limited partner relationships. Our current themes include healthcare, fintech, supply chain, and marketplaces. Our tight-knit team of investment professionals executes with a startup mindset and decades of operational experience to support entrepreneurs throughout the journey of building a business.

Stage of capital: Seed

Location: Newark, NJ

Fund manager diversity: Black and African American led

Diversity focus: Women, Black and African American, Hispanic-Latino

Industry focus: General Tech- and Tech-Enabled, B2B, Fintech and Payments, Healthcare and Wellness (incl. FemTech)

Min and max capital: $1,000,000 - $3,000,000

Thomas Wisniewski headshot

Thomas Wisniewski
General Partner

Dan Borok headshot

Dan Borok
General Partner

Vaughn Crowe headshot

Vaughn Crowe
General Partner