The Here’s Something Good podcast brings daily stories that inspire

Here's something good

Every day could use a moment of inspiration. That’s why, with Bank of America’s support, Seneca Women Podcast Network and iHeartRadio partnered to create Here’s Something Good, a daily podcast that features 5-7 minute stories to uplift.

Whether it’s an entrepreneur who uses their creativity or an organization that serves its community, each episode is about people taking action to create positive change. Featured episodes highlight Bank of America partners doing good.

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liftFund Dream it. Fund it.

Lift Fund

In the wake of recent events, small businesses are looking for creative ways forward, and no groups have been harder hit than diverse communities, including African American and Hispanic-Latino communities.

Enter LiftFund, a community development financial institution in San Antonio, Texas. In this episode of the Here’s Something Good podcast, we talk to Janie Barrera, President and CEO of LiftFund, about their mission to remove barriers for business owners in diverse communities by expanding access to capital.

Urban Alliance

Urban Alliance

In this episode of the Here’s Something Good podcast, we explore why providing employment opportunity to young people—especially those from communities that do not see significant participation in higher education—benefits both employers and employees.

We hear from Eshauna Smith, CEO of Urban Alliance, a Washington DC-based nonprofit, as she talks about the mission to place underserved youth in paid internships, the ripple effects of early opportunity, and more.

College Advising Corps

College Advising Corps

Many high-school students have every intention of attending college, but due to a variety of factors–insufficient financial aid, late applications or lack of guidance—never make it. This phenomenon is known as “summer melt”. Additionally, a lion’s share of those students are people of color or come from underserved communities.

In this episode of Here’s Something Good, we talk to Nicole Hurd, Founder and CEO of College Advising Corps, a nonprofit that assists students with additional help in the college application process. The discussion ranges from the educational challenges faced by students in low income communities to expanding access to higher education in the United States.