A conversation with the Ken Burns and Anne Finucane about Country Music

Like the music itself, Ken Burns’s new documentary COUNTRY MUSIC tells unforgettable stories shared by everyday people. Stories of struggle, hardship, joy and triumph that unite us as Americans. Bank of America Vice Chairman Anne Finucane sat down with Burns to discuss the making of COUNTRY MUSIC and how everyone, both fans and those new to the genre, can relate to this uniquely American art form.

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Story through music


Music touches everyone

Ken Burns shares how COUNTRY MUSIC tells the story of America​

“Too often we feel divided, but this is an inclusive story…It’s American history firing on all cylinders” says filmmaker Ken Burns talking about the history of country music.

From heartache to celebration: Behind the scenes in making COUNTRY MUSIC  

“There was a surprise every day. We weren’t prepared for how emotional (COUNTRY MUSIC) was going to be…. it snuck up on us.” Ken Burns on the 8 years it took to film COUNTRY MUSIC. 

COUNTRY MUSIC: There’s something in it for everyone 

Do you remember the first country music song you heard?  Ken Burns and Anne Finucane discuss how their understanding of country music has evolved over time.