Atlanta Intern Aleese Ingram

Guiding future success through local partnerships

We’ve joined forces with select MLB and NFL teams as well as the Bank of America Chicago Marathon to connect young people with paid internships and mentors in the field

Since 2010, Bank of America has funded 20,000 jobs for youth across the country. Building on our commitment to youth employment, Bank of America convened a coalition of partners in sports, including MLB, NFL, Chicago Marathon, and Roval 400, as well as nonprofit partners, to level the playing field by connecting young people, predominantly from communities of color, to meaningful job, skills-building, networking, and mentorship opportunities – aligning with our broader commitment to advance racial equality and economic opportunity in our local communities.

In places like Charlotte, Atlanta, San Francisco and Chicago, Bank of America joined forces with select sports organizations, including MLB and NFL teams and the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, to connect young people with paid internships and mentors in the field to help guide future success.

The Carolina Panthers and helping Charlotte youth build job skills

The Los Angeles Rams, Hire LA's Youth and Brotherhood Crusade

The Atlanta Falcons and Goodwill of North Georgia

The San Francisco Giants and Opportunities for All

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon and After School Matters

The Carolina Panthers and helping Charlotte youth build job skills

When X'Orion Richmond was looking for an internship in the Charlotte area, a job with the Carolina Panthers was at the top of his list. Luckily, through Bank of America’s partnership with the Carolina Panthers, we were able to create and fund an internship opportunity for X’Orion. Over the course of his time with the team, he's made connections and built job skills that will serve as a foundation for his career.

As he continues to develop his passion for the game and pursue the career he wants, he was able to spend time with star wide receiver DJ Moore and discuss the importance of mentorship to their respective paths. It was a great conversation that highlighted the importance of "paying it forward," no matter what the profession.

Reflecting on his internship X'Orion noted: "I would say it benefited me with my professional development. It took it to the next level. So when I graduate, I'll be prepared for whatever workforce I step in." X’Orion’s experience is one example of how job opportunities like these can help our communities thrive.

Teaming Up With an “Unstoppable” Intern

Working closely with Hire LA’s Youth and Brotherhood Crusade, the Los Angeles Rams and Bank of America provided 24-year old Crenshaw native Joseph Merchain with on-the-job skills training and valuable mentorship during a 100-day working experience in the Rams Community Affairs department.

Joseph grew up in the foster care system, spending time at more than thirty foster and group homes throughout Greater Los Angeles during his childhood. He experienced homelessness for the first time at the age of 13 and has been battling housing insecurity ever since. But, with unwavering determination to overcome the adversity throughout his young adult life, Joseph joined Brotherhood Crusade in 2017, which helped him secure his first job and is currently enrolled at Pasadena City College where he is studying Political Science.

The paid internship program created by Bank of America and the Rams was designed to support a young person from an under-resourced community by providing access to mentorship and workforce experience. This hands-on work experience Joseph received as a member of the Rams staff, from organizing youth football clinics to assisting with community research and events throughout Los Angeles, taught him critical job skills and helped develop a professional network for success in his career aspirations.

The Atlanta Falcons and Goodwill of North Georgia

Atlanta Falcon Youth Intern

Bank of America partnered with the Atlanta Falcons and local nonprofit, Goodwill of North Georgia, to place Aleese Ingram, a recent graduate of the University of Georgia, as a community relations intern.

Aleese always knew she wanted to pursue a career in sports and emphasized how this internship opened the door for her to get started. Through this opportunity, Aleese has been exposed to a whole different side of the sports industry, as well as a new and diverse professional network. “This internship is allowing me to work and collaborate with different kinds of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and varying perspectives,” she said. 

To Aleese, community means “family” – and it’s a huge part of who she is. That’s why she was thrilled at the opportunity to pursue her personal and professional passion for sports right in her own backyard with the Atlanta Falcons. 

As she was introduced to mentors throughout her internship, Aleese also came to realize the value of being able to expand her professional network, noting, “Especially in the sports world, it’s so important to have working relationships with different groups and people…” and looks forward to leveraging her new connections and learnings as she pursues new roles in the sports industry in the future.

The San Francisco Giants and Opportunities for All

San Francisco Giants Youth Intern

In San Francisco, Bank of America teamed up with the San Francisco Giants and nonprofit partner, Opportunities for All, to place Carmen Kwan, a first-generation college student at California State University Fullerton, as an intern with the community relations team at the Giants Community Fund. 

According to Carmen, the internship gave her a chance to “develop existing skills, especially communication and a sense of responsibility,” and explore her interests even further “to get a better idea of what she wants to do and what she likes to do.”

Through this opportunity with her hometown team, Carmen also gained an even deeper understanding and appreciation of her own community and passion for helping people. “This internship opportunity helped me to improve myself and my talents, and engage with my community,” said Carmen. 

And while she’ll remain a loyal Giants fan, going forward, Carmen looks forward to pursuing a career outside the sports industry in the medical or public health field, but still credits the internship for helping her learn more about the different career paths that might be available to her, along with growing her network and exposing her to important “experiences and resources that can help guide her career.” 

“It means a lot to have people and colleagues guiding and supporting me,” Carmen added.

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon and After School Matters

After School Matters: Up and running with Bank of America Youth Jobs

In Chicago, Bank of America joined forces with local nonprofit partner, After School Matters, and the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, to provide four local student athletes with internship and skills-building opportunities at the brand new Indoor Track and Field Center at Gately Park.

As part of the internship program, the four interns had renowned Executive Race Director of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Carey Pinkowski, serve as their mentor. Carey has long had a passion for ensuring his local Chicago community has opportunity to grow and thrive – and this new role proved to be the perfect fit. 

“I was a very fortunate recipient of great mentors, coaches, teachers and advisors. To give back and be part of this will affect these young men in a very positive way,” said Carey.

The internship was, of course, more than just coaching and introducing running to young people in the neighborhood, but also about applying the advice and mentorship from Carey, and skills they were learning, to help better themselves and their own community. According to one intern, Amir: “I’m not just helping kids run faster, but to also become better people.”

“I think this program is going to create a pathway for young men and women to look to the future and gain experience – whether it’s in the job market or what their career paths will be,” said Carey. “And we’re able to do that with Bank of America’s support.”