Our company

Our values

We hold ourselves accountable for the disciplined management of risk and for doing the right thing.

We deliver for clients, communities and shareholders

To make financial lives better, we must:

Deliver together
We believe in the importance of treating each client and teammate as an individual and treating every moment as one that matters. We strive to go the distance to deliver, with discipline and passion. We believe everything we do for clients, employees and the communities we serve is built on a solid foundation that delivers for shareholders.

Act responsibly
We believe that integrity and the disciplined management of risk form the foundation of our business. We are aware that our decisions and actions affect people’s lives every day. We strive for decisions that are clear, fair, and grounded in the principles of shared success, responsible citizenship, and community building.

Realize the power of our people
We want our employees to reach their full potential. We believe that diverse backgrounds and experiences make us stronger. We respect every individual and value our differences - in thought, style, culture, ethnicity and experience.

Trust the team
We believe that the best outcomes are achieved when people work together across the entire company. We believe great teams are built on mutual trust, shared ownership and accountability. We act as one company and believe when we work together, we best meet the full needs of our clients.

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Brian Moynihan

Hear from our CEO 

Read what Brian Moynihan has to say about how we are delivering for clients and shareholders through a strategy of responsible growth.

Our leadership

Our leadership 

Our leaders deliver for our clients and shareholders through a strategy of responsible growth and a culture of accountability built on values, teamwork and managing risk well.

Responsible growth

Responsible growth 

Our business strategy for Responsible Growth focuses on how we grow in the right way and ensure a return for our business, clients, shareholders and communities.