Bank of America releases the 2018 Women Business Owner Spotlight

Bank of America is excited to share the results of its 2018 Women Business Owner Spotlight, an annual study exploring the goals, challenges and everyday realities of women entrepreneurs across the country.

This year, the findings show women entrepreneurs are increasingly confident about the business environment and their own outlook for growth, with economic optimism reaching a two-year high and more women expecting their revenues to increase compared to last year. The Spotlight also explores the digital transformation and the role of women-owned businesses in adopting game-changing technology to manage their business. Finally, it explores access to capital and how that’s changed for women entrepreneurs over the last decade.

Building a Healthy Business

Nicole Centeno, the founder of Splendid Spoon, shares her inspiration for a business designed to help others improve their well-being through healthy (and tasty), on-demand, individually packaged meals—and how digital technology helps her deliver inspiration and meals to customers.

It began with a bowl of soup. Frustrated by the sparse—and conflicting—information she uncovered while researching pregnancy wellness tips, Nicole Centeno decided to step back and commit to one healthy choice each day. On day one, she made veggie soup, put away her phone and laptop and sat down to enjoy a quiet lunch. These meditative lunches quickly became routine, ultimately inspiring her to launch Splendid Spoon.

“Splendid Spoon is based on the idea that small changes can lead to big differences in health,” Nicole said. “It’s been five years since that fateful lunch, and Splendid Spoon is booming—we operate nationwide and offer customers a variety of wellness plans rooted in smoothies, plant bowls and soups.”

As Splendid Spoon grows, she’s continuing to focus on the details, from menus to marketing. “Consumers make a decision very quickly based on the look, feel and tone of your brand,” Nicole said, discussing Splendid Spoon’s approach to social media marketing. “I really enjoy that challenge because it forces us to be very disciplined in how every touch point affects our customers.”

Looking to the future, Nicole sees the conflation of wellness and weight loss as a key opportunity for growth. Confident in the strength of her business and the health of her market, Nicole plans to continue expanding Splendid Spoon as she’s done from the very start—one meal at a time.

Bank of America is committed to providing women entrepreneurs with solutions to ignite and accelerate their potential, providing access to capital, mentoring, education and training through our business and partnerships.

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