Cheering on our Support Services teammates who competed at the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games

At Bank of America, we have a longstanding commitment to advancing a more diverse and inclusive society — through our hiring practices, services and products as well as advocacy and volunteerism. We’re honored to partner with Special Olympics as we celebrate the athletes who competed in the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games.

We’re especially proud of Special Olympics athletes and Support Services employees Erin Bailey and Tyler Kennedy who participated in the Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle. As they geared up for the Games, Bailey and Kennedy were always positive and told themselves that as long as they had a goal, they could achieve it.

Erin and Tyler are part of Support Services, an in-house team at Bank of America consisting of 300 employees with intellectual disabilities who support core business within the company. The team includes Special Olympics athletes who have competed in Special Olympics at the local, national and global levels. Ultimately, Support Services provides individuals with intellectual disabilities with the opportunity to become part of a family at work and to achieve financial stability.

“Support Services is a major line of business here at Bank of America that provides warehousing, fulfillment and print production,” said Bank of America executive Mark Feinour. “We just happen to have a different talent pool that we employ here where all employees have a cognitive and/or developmental disability.”

“Erin is so proud of having her job. She loves going every day,” said Bailey’s coach, Mary Moore. “She has been given so much opportunity by Bank of America. Special Olympics is so important because it really raises your self-esteem. She is just like a role model to everyone else.”

Whether our employees are competing in a game for Special Olympics or completing a task at work, the skills they learn, such as the value of hard work and being on a team, translate to every facet of their lives.

“Bank of America has a long history with Special Olympics,” said Feinour. “One benefit that we have of having athletes work here, is that a lot of what they learn on the court or in the pool carries over to here in the workplace. The dedication, the pride, the ability to learn and do better, makes them not only better athletes but also makes them better employees.”

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