How capital deployment drives solutions to global challenges

Across the globe, we face big challenges such as climate change, gender parity, access to clean water and affordable housing. These issues impact economic growth and security, and can’t be solved by philanthropy or the public sector alone.

That’s why at Bank of America, our business strategy is to connect private capital with the innovative ideas that are seeking to tackle these challenges - all while generating a strong return for our investors. This strategy grows our business responsibly while also helping us drive social and economic progress.

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Connecting capital to the world's needs

Our executives explain why it’s sound business to work with partners in a way that drives not only success, but also positive change. We can only be as successful as the communities and world we serve.

Big goals need innovative capital to succeed

The Rise Fund’s goal is to mobilize private capital investments that promote sustainable development—and to invest in a way that’s not only financially rewarding, but also gives back to the world.

When Dodla Dairy, an Indian company, wanted to help small dairy farmers sell their products in formal markets, they needed capital to scale to their goals. Bank of America, recognizing good business and a good cause, partnered with The Rise Fund to support thousands of small farmers in rural India. Now, those farmers have access to the basic tools and networks they need to bring their products to market.

What keeps women from economic progress?

“Access to capital is by far the thing that holds women back from growing and sustaining their businesses,” notes Laurie Fabiano, president of the Tory Burch Foundation. An innovative partnership between the Tory Burch Foundation, Bank of America and community development financial institutions (CDFIs) is changing that. Through this partnership, the bank has committed $50 million in financing to women entrepreneurs in the U.S. since 2014. In 2019 we're doubling that commitment to $100 million, helping create a more equitable economy.

The connections we develop help us make a better world

To Bank of America COO Tom Montag, a company that champions responsible growth also believes in responsible citizenship. He explains how banks can play a critical role in using their connections to find investors for projects that are successful not just financially, but also in their impact on our communities.


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