Bank of America podcasts explore the power to shape the future

With nearly half of Americans reporting that they subscribe to podcasts--spending as much as 5 hours a week listening to them—the medium has become a critical touch point for companies like Bank of America who want to connect with their audiences. To make the most of this important storytelling platform, Bank of America has launched a series of podcasts that include conversations with customers, partners and Bank of America experts who, through their stories, reinforce the question, “What would you like the power to do?”

Each of Bank of America’s podcasts (That Made All the Difference, Merrill Perspectives, The World to Come and The Heartbeat of Main Street) deliver intimate insights from innovators, entrepreneurs and our own experts and thought leaders—making them highly relevant to their audiences, from consumers and small business owners to individual investors, business leaders and institutions.

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That Made All the Difference

On That Made All The Difference, Bank of America executive Alicia Burke hosts personal interviews with achievers in media, entertainment, sports and business to learn about the moments that changed the course of their lives and inspired in them the power to move forward and make a positive impact on the world.

Merrill Perspectives

Hosted by Candace Browning, Chris Hyzy and other Bank of America experts, Merrill Perspectives goes beyond the headlines to help listeners understand how changes in the world are impacting their everyday financial lives. From the rising cost of college to the growing empowerment of women, these episodes dive into the biggest stories out there.  

The World To Come

With an eye on the future, journalist and radio personality Tess Vigeland speaks with guests from all over the globe on The World To Come, exploring how, with today’s innovations, we have the power to reimagine tomorrow.

The Heartbeat of Main Street

And on The Heartbeat of Main Street, veteran host Gregg Stebben from ForbesBooks Radio gives small business owners the power to do what they love—whether it’s making a difference in their community or bringing an incredible idea to life—through stories and advice from our passionate community of entrepreneurs and experts.

Whether you’re curious about renewable energy solutions or contemplating taking the next leap in your career, Bank of America is excited to share advice and ideas that could help you find the power to achieve your goals. We hope you’ll take the time to subscribe to our podcasts and be part of the conversation.


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