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As communities around the world adjust to the affects of the coronavirus, and racial and economic inequality, we’re seeing rapid change at every level of society, and calls for action and new thinking. Organizations, businesses, community leaders, and experts across the globe are stepping up, finding ways and means to address the needs of their communities, and are making an impact on individuals, and the world at large. To explore this critical work, Bank of America is launching new podcast episodes of That Made All the Difference, Merrill Perspectives, and Here’s Something Good that provide insight and inspiration through the stories of the people who have lived them.

The World to Come and The Heartbeat of Main Street continue to deliver accessible commentary and information from innovators, entrepreneurs, and Bank of America experts and thought leaders—providing valuable insight for consumers, small business owners, investors, business leaders and institutions.

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That Made All the Difference

For everyone – everywhere – life right now is about coming to terms with a lot of uncertainty. But it’s also a moment to reflect, and to learn from one another. On season 2 of That Made All the Difference, Host and Bank of America executive Alicia Burke explores how people such as Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick, the president of Howard University and Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, are responding to the events of today, and what they’re doing to better themselves, their community and the world.

Merrill Perspectives

Hosted by Candace Browning, Chris Hyzy and other Bank of America experts, Merrill Perspectives goes beyond the headlines to help listeners understand the forces reshaping our world. From the impact of the coronavirus on the economy and the markets to other important trends, these episodes shed light on today’s top stories and what they mean to our everyday financial lives.

Here’s Something Good (Seneca Podcast)

The result of a partnership between iHeartRadio, Seneca Women Podcast Network, and Bank of America, Here’s Something Good is a podcast that shares stories, tips, and experiences to inspire. Each episode is unique ranging from an entrepreneur who used creativity to find success, to an organization serving its community in a unique way. Featured episodes chronicle stories from Bank of America helping our subjects do some good in the world. A five-day-a-week injection of positivity, Here's Something Good is about news that uplifts us.

The World To Come

With an eye on the future, journalist and radio personality Tess Vigeland speaks with guests from around the world on The World To Come, exploring how, with today’s innovations, we have the power to reimagine tomorrow.

The Heartbeat of Main Street

On The Heartbeat of Main Street, veteran host Gregg Stebben from ForbesBooks Radio gives small business owners the power to do what they love—whether it’s making a difference in their community or bringing an incredible idea to life—through stories and advice from our passionate community of entrepreneurs and experts.

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