Short URLs from Bank of America

Periodically, Bank of America associates need to send links to various resources on the web. Given the character limitations on social media sites like Twitter, we may occasionally give out a "short" URL from one of our short domains ( and that redirects to the full site. These links work just like any other url shortener with one important difference. When you click on one of the Bank of America branded short URLs, you can trust that the web site it is taking you to is safe and that it is coming from us.

Shortened URLs from Bank of America representatives will always be from one of the domains below. When you see these you know that the information is safe and is coming from Bank of America.

  • (example:

If you see short URLs purporting to be from us that do not include one of the above short domains, we recommend that you do not click on the link, as it may be malicious. If you are suspicious of the link, we ask that you send it to us at

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