Innovative Company Thinks Outside the Box to Change

Oct 18, 2012

Video Transcript

SUPER: Marty Spindell, President and Co-Inventor, TYGA-Box Systems, Inc.

Marty Spindell: I got onto this railroad car. In which there was no one else on it, except one woman. And the moment I saw her, I knew that I’d just seen the love of my life. This was thirty-three years ago.

SUPER: Nadine Cino, CEO/Co-Inventor, TYGA-Box Systems, Inc.

Nadine Cino: And then one day we had this bright idea to start a business together. We are now, heading up a company that is poised to go global. You’ve probably all witnessed a classical corrugated box move. Dollies come in, and the movers are just grabbing anything and plopping it on top of the dolly. Chaos.

Marty Spindell: One night we were talking about the moving industry because we were in the process of moving our apartment. And we came up with an idea for a business.

Nadine Cino: Our goal, was to take the entire contents of a single five-drawer file cabinet, and, move it in a single stack.

SUPER: Michael Varoukas, CFO, CRS Corporate Relocation Systems, Inc.

Michael Varoukas: We’re constantly using them and their products. One mover, can actually move, as much as ten boxes by themself.

SUPER: Gerald Alvarez, Warehouse Supervisor, TYGA-Box Systems, Inc.

Gerald Alvarez: There’s no lifting involved of any sort, so it makes it almost effortless in a move job.

Nadine Cino: You’re transporting forty percent more per dolly load, compared to a conventional corrugated stack. And that’s why this company took the market by storm. Because who could say no a twenty-five, thirty percent cost reduction. Since 2000 we’ve been working on this vision, of creating an electronic tracking system.

Gerald Alvarez: The user can be able to see where their box is, the contents of their box, and know when it’s been moved, when it’s in the new facility, at all times.

Nadine Cino: We engaged with engineers and we actually created the business plan.

SUPER: Joe DeOrio, Small Business Banking, Bank of America

Joe DeOrio: The size of the loan that they needed was out of my segment in the small business banking world. So then I referred to Raza in the business banking world.

SUPER: Raza Khan, Global Commercial Banking, Bank of America

Raza Khan: It was great that he reached out to me, and we were able to work together, and find a solution for TYGA Box.

Nadine Cino: With the money that we’ve been able to borrow from Bank of America, we’ll be able to take this from the concepts and the BETA test, and be expanded to the full vision.

Joe DeOrio: We offer a full breadth of Bank of America’s products and services. Credit card processing, merchant services, treasury management. You really have to listen to the company, and see what their needs are.

Marty Spindell: Bank of America understood what our company is about, our vision. They really care.

Raza Khan: We’ve connected our clients through the right solutions and to the right people.

Joe DeOrio: And that’s the rewarding part of our job, is when we can help them grow their business.  

Marty Spindell: This company, is such a big part of our lives. It’s a joy to work with the love of my life.

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