Bank of America + Team Rubicon offer Veterans an important new mission

By Lewis Runnion, Director of Military Affairs at Bank of America | 


This article originally appeared on LinkedIn

“I wanted to help people from the beginning.”

That’s the reason Breaux Burns joined the Marines at age 20. It’s the reason he serves as a firefighter–paramedic in Durango, CO. And it’s the reason he volunteers with Team Rubicon, a nonprofit that uses the skills and experiences of military veterans and first responders to deploy emergency response teams to communities in need.

The desire to help others, or to be a part of something bigger, is fundamental to the way many veterans see the world, and themselves. It’s a viewpoint that leads them to serve in the first place, and it’s the same driving force that keeps them helping others long after their military service has ended. It’s just one of the reasons they deserve our support.

At Bank of America, we have a longstanding commitment to aiding service members and veterans. Whether it’s through financial education, career opportunities, or supporting military nonprofits across the country, we believe it’s our responsibility to, wherever possible, guide transitioning veterans through the unique challenges they face here at home.

To support veterans like Breaux, that means we need to commit to organizations like Team Rubicon, which allows him the opportunity to continue his service while putting his valuable skills and experiences to work in the community. It’s a symbiotic relationship between a community, an organization, and volunteers that benefits everyone involved.

Over the past few years Bank of America has hired several thousand veterans, and while we know the work that they do is important, they still look for new opportunities to connect with other veterans and contribute to causes greater than their day-to-day work activities. By supporting organizations like Team Rubicon, we can ensure that veterans have the opportunity to connect with each other and to utilize their highly specific and intensive training to make a difference in the lives of others.

Our veterans’ desire to serve never fades away. Our commitment to supporting them won’t either.


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