Spotlight: Women Business Owners

To gain perspective on the relationship between gender and the economy, Bank of America surveyed 1,000 small business owners (SBOs) across the country and compiled results into the inaugural Women Business Owner Spotlight. This survey is part of Bank of America’s commitment to understanding the complexities of everyday life in business, from both market wide and individual points of view.

The survey has found that more female entrepreneurs are optimistic about revenue and sales growth than their male counterparts. Despite this optimism, women business owners are split over the limitations of the glass ceiling. When asked whether they feel their careers are impacted by disparities in gender equality, 54% of respondents say they do not feel limited, while 46% say they have been limited on the basis of gender.

The approach was not merely to quantify data about profits and growth, but, more holistically, to learn about aspirations, empowerment and opportunity in the workplace. Read our findings to learn more about the nuances of women’s experiences as business owners.

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