Spotlight on: Team Rubicon

Discover programs that are enriching their communities by helping veterans transition into civilian life

It takes a unique individual to enter a disaster zone during a time of crisis, but for the 80,000 volunteers who make up Team Rubicon, heeding the call of duty is just what they do.

Founded in 2010 by US Marine Corps veterans Jake Wood and William McNulty, Team Rubicon was assembled in direct response to the earthquake in Haiti. “When we were first starting out, we had no intention of starting an organization. We were just a group of guys looking to go down to Haiti a few days after the earthquake,” explains Jake.

Today, that mighty—and growing—team has provided relief to areas affected by Hurricane Sandy, the tsunami in Chile, and floods in Pakistan. Specializing in everything from damage assessments to volunteer management and disaster medical assistance, Team Rubicon draws from its members’ military experience to impact areas that are most in need.

Key to Team Rubicon’s mission, however, is the realization that veterans aren’t just helping communities in crisis, they are also helping themselves transition back into civilian life.

“Team Rubicon can really serve as a modern-day model for what continued service is in the veteran community,” explains Jake. Being a part of Team Rubicon “helps them reconnect with that sense of service. It allows them to use the skills that they gained while they were in the military for a new mission after the military.”

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