Silicon Valley President has long history with Bank of America

Raquel González has worn many hats, and touched many lines of business, during her tenure with Bank of America. She’s also one of the few employees to join the company before it became a global financial powerhouse. What started it all was a part-time job at a Bay Area branch, working as a teller. “I discovered I had a passion for helping customers and working with people,” said González. Today, she’s the market president for Silicon Valley, serving as the face of the bank in one of the most exciting parts of the country.

While Silicon Valley conjures up images of a tech-driven paradise populated by young millionaires, it wasn’t always that way. González came to the area after the tech bubble of the 1990s burst. The impact felt by businesses and communities motivated her to help people better manage their financial lives. ”During that time we had the opportunity to help a range of people — from the small business owner who was struggling to meet payroll obligations after the tech giant across the street laid off 1,000 people to the tech worker who needed advice on starting her own business.”

Over time, the economic trends reversed, and González feels the region has bounced back stronger than ever. "It’s exciting to see the resilience the Valley has, and the ability to reinvent itself,” she said.

In González’ role as market president, she works across the bank’s businesses to ensure clients are introduced to the full capabilities that the company offers. She also works with a variety of local nonprofits, providing financial support and inventing other ways to make an impact. She is passionate about employee development and giving back through volunteerism. She sits on the board of directors for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, which includes over 400 member companies in the Valley, the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, which is working to close the opportunity gap for minority students and the Tech Museum of Innovation, which offers youth programs that inspire the development of innovative technology.

Her responsibilities beyond market presidency include being a risk executive focusing on Anti Money Laundering. González provides support to the bank’s various business channels and segments to ensure alignment between risk management and customer experience.

All in all, it’s been an amazing career for the woman who started as a teller and recognized the opportunities a career in banking could offer. González knew she wanted to work with clients, but she couldn’t have predicted how far her job at Bank of America would take her. "I feel very fortunate,” she said. "I started with this company at a young age, and I've had the opportunity to do what I love, learning a great deal in a field that is both challenging and rewarding."


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I started with this company at a young age, and I've had the opportunity to learn and grow in a field that is both challenging and rewarding.

Raquel González
Bank of America