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Sep 25, 2014

When a major pharmacy chain bought a local one in New York City, its plan was to convert all of the stores to the acquiring brand. But, the local stores had just undergone a major renovation complete with new display lighting – and sales were increasing. Recognizing this success, the chain decided to replicate the local displays in urban and suburban areas across the country. That, explains Alan Cowen of Bridge Metal Industries, is the power of lighting.

Bridge Metal Industries is a custom lighting and metal fabricator that creates displays for big box stores, fast food restaurants and drug store chains. The company also provides lighting for kiosks within larger retail stores. “When you walk into a store today, look at all of the lighting eight feet and under. That’s Bridge Metal’s market,” said Cowen. He prides himself in his company’s quick turnaround and exceptional service.

Those strengths have taken the company far – and enabled its continued expansion. About two years ago, Bridge Metal purchased Smart Bar products, temporary bars that can be set up by hotel pools, in banquet rooms, on cruise ships or wherever extra serving capacity is needed. They guarantee the return on investment with a money-back return policy. This newly acquired business is growing quickly. “We’re literally selling a high-quality portable bar throughout the world,” said Cowen.

Strong partners like Bank of America have helped make Bridge Metal’s success possible. Client Manager Elizabeth Kontomerkos said that Bridge Metal first came to the bank in 2008 seeking working capital to support an increase in client demand. The line of credit and other financing provided by Bank of America enabled the company to grow and purchase the building it had been renting. The bank also supports Bridge Metal with day-to-day banking services to maximize their efficiency.

Kontomerkos calls Bridge Metal an ideal client. “We look forward to many more years of watching the company grow and being there to partner with them,” she said. “This is why we come to work every day.” With a shared focus on exceptional client service, it’s no wonder the relationship is so strong. Working with partners like Bank of America, Bridge Metal will continue to light up the world – eight feet and under.

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