Recognizing Goodwill: A leader in the movement for diversity and inclusion

Bank of America has been a proud partner of Goodwill since 2004. With a focus on job opportunities and inclusive hiring practices, we have led a global effort to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families – including people with disabilities.

Currently 44 percent of American adults with intellectual disabilities are in the labor force. We are proud to partner with many of the 168 Goodwill affiliate organizations in our local communities to help people with unique abilities gain meaningful employment.

For more than a decade, Bank of America and Goodwill have worked to strengthen communities, eliminate barriers to opportunity and help people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work. The Bank support historically focused on “Good Sen$e,” “Good Assets Builds Strong Families,” “Vested in Veterans” and most recently the “Credentials to Career: Stairways to Success Initiative” promotes training and credentials for middle-skill employment.

“Goodwill gives individuals facing barriers to employment, including people with disabilities, the opportunity to achieve financial stability,” said Kerry Sullivan, president of the Bank of America Charitable Foundation. “Partnering with organizations like Goodwill, which has developed social enterprises to help marginalized groups increase their skills and earnings potential, is part of our strategy to address income mobility and build stronger communities.”

Through the unique Bank of America partnerships across the US, we collaborate with organizations, including Goodwill, to support those with disabilities and strengthen our communities.

“Goodwill Industries International believes that hiring people with disabilities is good business, and that employers should tap into this skilled labor pool for the benefit of what people with disabilities can do, and the value they bring to companies.”
—Rockville, MD, home of Goodwill Industries International, which employs more than 30,000 individuals with disabilities. Bank of America first invested in GII in 2001 through a local-market grant in Washington, DC to support the “Retention through Technology” program. Our support has since grown into a global partnership and our historical funding totals over $1.5 million.

“Individuals can have a long, rewarding career despite a disability or disadvantage. Focusing on what individuals CAN accomplish and creating adaptive performance environments enables them to be productive and supports their personal goals.”
—Wilmington, DE, committed to understanding the needs of the local community and helping individuals overcome the barriers to self-sufficiency. Goodwill Industries of Delaware & Delaware County has been a grantee since 2001, and Bank of America’s most recent grant supported technology for their various job-placement and training programs.

“For every individual who finds gainful employment and a steady income, the larger community, in turn, gains more income that is reinvested in local commerce, a broader workforce and role models for the next generation, showing that the cycle of poverty can be overcome.”
—Morgan Memorial Goodwill in Boston, MA, where programs like Will to Work, Day Habilitation and AbilityOne support individuals of various ages, interests and skills. Bank of America has supported Morgan Memorial Goodwill since 1988 and has provided long-standing support for their “Pathways to Employment” programs.

“Goodwill of Orange County hopes to change perceptions of the level of independence people with intellectual disabilities are capable of accomplishing. We dedicate ourselves to promoting self-reliance and well-being at every touchpoint of the organization. We believe in the power of work; it provides a pathway to pride, dignity and independence.”
—Goodwill of Orange County CA, an organization that employs more than 200 people with Intellectual Disabilities. Bank of America has supported this Goodwill since 2008 and is recently supporting the “Enduring Independence Veterans Programs.”


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