Providing housing and relief

For over 26 years, the Long Island Housing Partnership (LIHP) has provided affordable housing opportunities to Long Islanders. The not-for-profit emphasizes education, offering clients purchase, mortgage and foreclosure counseling. These services encourage young people to stay on Long Island by helping them achieve homeownership.

When Hurricane Sandy struck Long Island in 2012, many already-strapped homeowners were confronted with additional challenges, including flooded heating systems. Through the Hurricane Sandy Recovery and Relief Program, LIHP and partners provided eligible homeowners with up to $5,000 for repairs, even going door-to-door to assess and fulfill residents’ needs.

A longtime partner of LIHP, Bank of America contributed to the relief program. The bank has also donated homes and provided start-up funding for a variety of affordable housing projects, including an effort to build out the Islip community. Long Island Market President Robert Isaksen serves on LIHP’s Board of Directors, further solidifying the connection between the two organizations.


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