Pat Zamkin runs the Bank of America Chicago Marathon to make a difference in kids’ lives

Pat Zamkin runs the Bank of America Chicago Marathon every year, and not just to beat his personal record. He runs to support Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, a not-for-profit therapeutic home for children and teens in Chicago – and the very place where he found hope 30 years ago.

Since his days at Mercy Home, Pat has found success by finishing his education, embarking on a career in finance and raising a beautiful family. He credits much of his success to Mercy Home and gives back to the organization through mentoring, fundraising and running the Chicago Marathon.

“Running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon is a great opportunity to shed some light on a charitable cause,” Zamkin said. “I always encourage others to not only run, but also do it for a cause that touches them on a personal level. If you run and focus on the mission of an organization that has a personal connection to you, then it also helps with the motivation and is much more rewarding than just writing a check.”

Since 1887, Mercy Home has provided shelter and vital resources to Chicago- area youth in need. The organization offers a safe and supportive home where young people can grow into successful men and women, and it gives young people tools they need to develop as self-reliant and contributing members of society.

“I think it helps these kids to hear from someone who was once in their shoes, and to show them there is a path to success,” Zamkin said.

Bank of America Chicago Marathon runners have raised more than $167 million to benefit national and international causes like Mercy Home that are making a difference in people’s lives.


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