Loan processor with autism is Bank of America’s best

Thomas Muench has been working for Bank of America since 2002. He’s developed a special relationship with his manager, Mary Ellen Manchester, who has seen his career flourish despite his having to deal with challenges few of the bank’s other employees face.

When he was two years old, Thomas was diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ASD includes a wide range of symptoms, skills, and levels of disability but can include things like difficulty communicating and repetitive behaviors. While some people are mildly impaired by their symptoms, ASD can be severely disabling for others.

Mary Ellen has known Thomas for 11 years and been his manager for three. In addition to their personal relationship – they have lunch together nearly every day – she says Thomas is one of the most consistent, efficient employees she has ever seen.

It’s an understatement to say Thomas is good at his job – he’s currently the number one retail loan processer in the company. He started at an entry-level data position and has worked his way up to the title of senior retail loan processor. Starting this April, he is in charge of RV loans in the auto loan funding department.

“He is one of my best employees here,” Manchester said. “Reliable to a tee. It’s a privilege to have him on my team."

The two have bonded over a shared love of trivia – Thomas is a loyal Jeopardy viewer, and if there’s ever a trivia-based, team building exercises in their 14- person department, he’s always the first picked.

Outside of work, Thomas is a passionate advocate for the autism community. He gives back both financially and with his time to nonprofit organizations such as Brain Balance and Autism Speaks.

Bank of America also gives Thomas workplace flexibility so he can participate in activities with his fraternal organization, the Knights of Pythias, in which he serves as Grand Chancellor. The Knights work to facilitate volunteer and community service opportunities for its members.


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