Leadership on and off the slopes

By Kelly Fredrickson, Creative, Brand and Agency Management Executive at Bank of America | 


This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

They say that sports can build character. And that’s true. But sports can also do something else: they reveal character.

Any time we can come together as a team and work toward a common goal, it allows us to find the best in ourselves, and gives us the opportunity to lift each other up and accomplish amazing things. At Bank of America, that same focus on teamwork, leadership, inclusion and respect is at the core of what we believe builds a better, more empowering world for us all.

That’s why I’m proud of Bank of America’s continued commitment to supporting the Special Olympics, a partnership that dates back more than 30 years. Whether it’s through hiring people with intellectual disabilities, fostering discussion about athlete leadership, or simply packing the stands during competitions, Bank of America employees have carried the torch for the Special Olympics in both figurative and literal terms.

As we look forward to the Special Olympics 2017 World Winter Games in Austria, I’m excited for the moments of triumph, learning and respect that lay ahead. During those games, 2,700 athletes from 102 countries will come together for two inspiring weeks to show the world what it looks like when we put down limits and #pickuphope.

At Bank of America we have a longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion, and we believe it’s important to foster a culture that empowers people with disabilities in the U.S. and around the world. Whether you’re an athlete, a coach, a trainer, a family member, or a spectator, there is so much about leadership, respect, and human spirit that can be learned from these games. Whether it’s during competition, celebrations or panel discussions like the Unified Talks we’re supporting, the more opportunities we have to come together and connect with people from all different walks of life, the more we can do to change the world and create a stronger, more inclusive society for all. Here’s looking forward to two weeks of courageous competition, powerful moments and lasting lessons.

Let the games begin.


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